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Real world experience counts. Because it counts, Columbia College offers internship and practicum opportunities to give you hands-on work experience on a local, national or international level. Internships and practica are a great way to discover your talents and strengths along with your likes and dislikes in a particular field.

Internships are coordinated by faculty working with a designated supervisor in the agency or organization. Students are expected to work in an agency or organization for a minimum of 45 clock hours for every semester hour for which they enroll. In other words, if a student enrolls for an internship worth 9 semester hours, the student is expected to work 405 clock hours during the term in which enrollment takes place.

Internships are available in the junior or senior academic years. Two course numbers are assigned for internships: 399 and 499. Students enroll for credit during the term in which they undertake the internship. They may enroll for credit up to a maximum of 12 semester hours at each level; however, certain departments may limit the number of hours for internship. Some programs require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for enrollment in internships. 

Evaluation of student performance is made by the faculty member and the agency supervisor. The successful completion of contracted papers, projects and tasks must occur before credit is given.

Read about the benefits of internships. For more in-depth information on policies regarding internships, read the Academic Policies section of the Undergraduate Catalog.


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