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Pre-professional programs


The Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department offers advising to students who plan to transfer to an engineering program after one or two years of study at Columbia College. Typically, pre-engineering students should enroll in mathematics, science, and computer science courses appropriate to their chosen area of engineering and liberal arts courses that will meet general education requirements at the transfer institution. Additionally, students should consider taking introductory engineering courses through the cooperative cross-enrollment program with the University of Missouri in order to minimize time to graduation.


The liberal arts component of the general education requirements at Columbia College provides an excellent foundation for student success in law school. Students from all majors may have an excellent chance of going on to law school. Recently criminal justice, english, history and political science have all been popular majors for students pursuing a law degree. Whatever major they choose pre-law students should take classes that enhance written and oral communication, research and critical thinking skills.

The University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Law offers a combined undergraduate and law program also known as the 90-hour program. The combined curriculum enables students to obtain the bachelor of arts/science and Juris Doctor degrees in six years.

The undergraduate degree is a requirement for the Juris Doctor degree. Students entering under the combined degree program must make arrangements with their undergraduate schools to complete all requirements for their undergraduate degree. In addition, students must have a letter sent from the Dean of their undergraduate institution to the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, indicating that their law school coursework will earn the remaining hours of undergraduate credit, and that a B.A. or B.S. will be awarded before or at the time of graduation from law school.

To obtain more information about the program contact University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, 103 Hulston Hall, phone: 573-882-6042.


Students interested in pursuing a pre-med curriculum should refer to the Biology or Chemistry degrees.


Students interested in pursuing a pre-vet curriculum should refer to the Biology or Chemistry degrees.

Military Science, Naval Science, And Aerospace Studies ROTC

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is designed to provide men and women the opportunity to become officers in the armed forces of the United States while pursuing their college degrees in a variety of fields. ROTC scholarships are available to qualified persons to help defray the costs of a college education. Students who receive ROTC scholarships incur an obligation to serve after graduation in the branch of military service that provided the scholarship. (No obligation is incurred until the last two years; freshmen and non-scholarship sophomores may participate in ROTC without obligation.)

Columbia College students may enroll in these courses, all of which are offered on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Columbia College students earn Columbia College credit for these courses. Each branch of the armed services offers its own set of courses. The U.S. Army courses are found in this catalog in the listing of course descriptions under Military Science (MSCI) and the U.S. Air Force courses are found under Aerospace Studies (ASCI), and the U.S. Navy's are under Naval Science (NSCI).

Columbia College students may earn a minor in ROTC by completing eighteen semester hours of courses with a field code of ASCI or NSCI or MSCI. Courses are scheduled and taught by personnel in the three respective departments of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

For more information, contact Military Science (Army ROTC) at 573-882-7721, Naval Science (Navy ROTC) at 573-882-6693, or Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) at 573-882- 7621.


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